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Meneldur was the fifth king of Númenor, he inherited the throne over his older sisters Silmariën and Isilmë, which was not due to a law concerning male primogeniture (as some people belive), but due to custom. If a lord had no son, the closest male relative of male descent would inherit (meaning the son of an uncle would inherit over the son of a sister). Meneldur loved to watch the stars, and had a tower errected for that purpose. When his father became king (and he was named King's Heir), he moved to the capital of Armenelos. He married Almarian of the House of Hador. During his reign, Númenor became a land of mariners. After receiving a rather disturbing letter from Gil-Galad, Tar-Meneldur abdicated the throne in favour of his son, feeling that he was unfit to make the right decisions himself. He died at the age of 399. His other names were Elentirmo (the Heavens) and Irimon (Star Watcher); Meneldur means Servant of Heaven (all Quenya).
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